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How did Pure Water Joy get started?

The Pure Water Joy project and organization has been evolving since 2014. It all started when a borehole well was drilled in the rural village of Nandanga, in the Mbeya region of Tanzania. Villagers of Nandanga had never seen a source of fresh, pure and clean water in their lives. The harvested rainwater from short holes dug in the soil, regularly suffered chronic water-borne diseases and with little capacity to address medical challenges, results were often devastating.  In the dry season, women would travel for miles on foot to bring back what little water they could carry and faced the perils of both natural risk from exposure to the elements and constant fear of sexual assault from those living outside of the village on each trip. The impact on survival and quality of life from the constant lack of this precious resource was profound.

Several years on, the health and well being of the Nandanga community has vastly improved. The physical health of its citizens is now better than ever and the town’s women are far safer and more free to devote significantly more time to helping their children succeed. As a result of its new reality, Nandanga is truly thriving.

This drastic change inspired Keneth Simbaya, a native Tanzanian born in Nandanga, to enroll in a college program designed specifically to provide him with the education and training necessary to drill and build wells himself. Keneth founded the Pure Water Joy organization and now, Pure Water Joy aims to purchase a borehole drill which Keneth will use throughout the western region of Tanzania (an area of the country currently devoid of international water aid efforts) to drill and install wells, at cost, for the many villages just like Nandanga that desperately need it. To ensure the longevity of each well installed, Keneth will pass on his newfound knowledge of proper well care and maintenance to like-minded individuals within each community, empowering them to take care of their new fresh water source for decades to come.

Once the Pure Water Joy project is fully underway, a long-term study will be initiated using data from the villages serviced to determine the impact on the health, safety and educational opportunities of each community. Data will be taken before wells are installed, and every 6 months after installation to monitor the effects of providing clean water to rural villages in Tanzania. This data will be used to gauge Pure Water Joy’s success in meeting its goals and results will be published on this website.

Pure Water Joy also aims to provide constructive opportunities for the residents in each community once a clean water supply has been established in their location.  Pure Water Joy will achieve this goal by partnering with local organizations to provide entrepreneurship training and workshops to women and children in the community.


Keneth Simbaya (right) pictured with his well-drilling instructor during a field practical in 2017

Pure Water Joy is 100% funded by donations, and we need YOUR help to achieve these goals.  We appreciate any contribution you are willing to provide to assist our work.  Donate by clicking the button below today!