Our Budget Needs

All of our funding must be raised through connecting with private donors via fundraising campaigns and events.   Some funding will also be raised from grants to the organization.  The procurement of a borehole drill and monies for the associated import taxes into Tanzania are essential to carrying out our goal of providing clean water to rural communities in need, and comprise the majority of our budget needs for our first year of operation.  Donations early in the year in 2018 will go towards the purchase of the borehole drill.  Once this crucial piece of equipment is attained, operating costs moving forward will be significantly reduced.  Pure Water Joy will actively undertake fundraising activities until water drilling equipment can be purchased. The chart below depicts our budget needs for the year of 2018 to get started in achieving our goals.  Research is ongoing to determine the best, most cost effective equipment to purchase


Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.11.35 AM.png