Our Team



Meet the dedicated folks driven to see Pure Water Joy succeed!


Keneth Simbaya

Keneth Simbaya was born and raised in the village of Nandanga. He worked diligently as a teacher devoted to improving the lives of his young students and ensuring their long-term success. However, upon seeing the stunning transformation of his home community after receiving clean water, he became passionately driven to help as many people as possible to obtain this precious resource. Keneth is currently enrolled in a college program to become a Well Technician.  Keneth is naturally talented, highly motivated, and given the necessary resources, can make a huge difference in the lives of his peers in rural communities that have no access to safe, clean water.


Leah Fenimore

Leah Fenimore is an American born and raised in Colorado. She originally traveled to Tanzania to work on a research project that aims to ameliorate human-elephant conflicts in rural villages and farms. She met Keneth while teaching at a secondary school in 2014.  They became fast friends.  After visiting Keneth’s home village of Nandanga and experiencing water stress as well as witnessing the hardship of living in a rural area without clean water she was inspired to create a fundraising campaign in 2014 to get the first borehole drilled in  Nanadanga. Leah is now an active marketing, fundraising and research volunteer for the newly formed Pure Water Joy organization.  Leah has set up a GoFundMe page to facilitate the purchase of a borehole drill which will be critical for Pure Water  Joy's mission.