How We Are Unique



Pure Water Joy is a unique organization, here's why!


The location of projects and organization undertaking water aid work in Tanzania


We were founded and is led by a highly passionate native Tanzania who was born in the type of rural community that Pure Water Joy will now serve.  He has already shown the initiative to help provide clean water to a few hundred of his peers, and he is now driven to provide this basic human right and thus improved livelihoods to millions more.  Keneth is from a rural African community, and so he is uniquely qualified to not only understand the myriad of issues faced by these communities, but to work to develop empowering solutions along with the communities we will serve. 


Furthermore, Pure Water Joy’s headquarters are in Mbeya, situated in Western Tanzania.  Our research shows that this area of Tanzania is bereft of any foreign or domestic water aid initiatives or organizations.   According to Water Action Hub, 82 water-aid organizations are operating in 198 locations around Tanzania.  The maps of Tanzania below depict the areas of the country where current organizations are already working on clean water initiatives.  The Mbeya region is left out.  Pure Water Joy has identified and filled a niche for a large area of the country that has yet to be serviced with a healthy, safe and clean water source.

Mbeya lacks any foreign or domestic water aid assistance