How We Will Address the Water Crisis in Tanzania

Pure Water Joy has determined that the most cost-effective, sustainable and farthest-reaching solution to achieve our mission is to purchase a borehole drill machine as well as a vehicle to transport the drill to rural areas.  Keneth is confident in his newly acquired knowledge of how to drill boreholes and maintain wells thanks to his Well Technician certificate from the community college in Mbeya.  Once we procure the drill, Keneth will drill wells at cost for as much of the country as possible, initially focusing on rural areas in the Mbeya region and expanding from there.  With continued support from the community, we hope to expand into other African countries as well. 

The at-cost monies required to drill and install a well will be covered by the collective contribution from residents of each village and/or from contributions from donors.  To ensure the longevity of each well installed, Keneth will select a group of people in each village that we serve whom he will train on proper well maintenance and repair, empowering the local communities to take care of their new freshwater source for decades to come.  Keneth will also be reachable by phone should any questions or issues arise in the rural communities and will undertake follow-up visits to each village to ensure each well’s continued operation.